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Coming Soon:  “LifeSaver: The SLO Noor Foundation Story!”

Sadly, our Premiere has been delayed,  Ironically, the coronavirus will be mitigated long before the equally deadly health care crisis facing the uninsured in our country.  We will screen LifeSaver locally and in Film Festivals around the country as soon as we are able.


Just Announced! Let It Shine: The Story of Women’s March SLO

Premiering at the SLO Film Fest – At the Beautiful Fremont Theater

March 14, 2018  7 PM.


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Clips from Films for Good Projects:

The first of a series of films about Women’s March SLO:

Childhood Cancer is the leading cause of death among children and teens. We can change that with funds for Research. Eliana Nunley, a survivor of leukemia, wants to change that, so she started an annual event in her school – and now virtually all schools – in San Luis Obispo Country, CA.

For further information, contact Danya at dc_nunley@charter.net!

All proceeds go to the Sammy Jeffers Foundation, started by the his loving parents, who are determined to fund research to find a cure for the cancer which took Sammy at age 8. And that will start a snowball of further cures!


“Shining Brightly” wins best PSA in Central Coast Filmmakers Showcase – SLO Film Fest 23!

“Transformation” was named Best Documentary Short at the Love International Film Festival and The NY/LA Festival, where it also won the Audience Award. The film also was  selected for Film Festivals in Mumbai, India, San Luis Obispo, CA (March 15, 2017),  Fort Myers, FL, and Cannes France, where is won Honorable Mention at the Mediterranean Film Festival. 

This film was made in conjunction with Art Peace Imagine, a wonderful organization dedicated to using Art to promote Peace around the world. Our first international project was in India, where we worked with Piyali Learning Center, a school for poor children outside Kolkata, India. Further information about Art of Peace Imagine and the project can be found at http://artpeaceimagine.org

“Unconditional Love” was developed in conjunction with Restorative Partners. The film tells the story of one young man’s struggle with addiction – and his success in gaining back his life with the love and support of his mentors at Restorative Partners. I am proud to announce that it will be shown at the SLO International Film Festival in March, 2016.

Paul Marinaro celebrated the release of his new album, “Without a Song” at The Jazz Showcase in Chicago, IL on June 12, 2013. In this trailer, Paul discusses the concept album, his reasons for the tribute, and his song selections.

Previews of the album can be found at www.withoutasong.com. and the film at www.youwillbemymusic.com

“Pieces of Dreams” will be a bonus track on Paul Marinaro’s forthcoming album, “Without a Song”. It also serves as the theme for a film clip in the forthcoming documentary “You Will Be My Music”, tracing the creation of Paul’s album. In this clip, Paul describes how, amazingly, as a boy of 5, he rescued his father’s old recordings from the trash. Those acetates served as inspiration for Paul’s album project to pay tribute to his Dad, and were used in part on the album itself.

In effort to expand the Peace Chair Project globally, artist Catalina McIsaac and filmmaker Bob Williams of Films for Good are developing a documentary film, “Art of Peace: Imagine.”

Veggie Rescue is a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to “gleaning” the second harvest from local farmers and farmers’ markets and delivering fresh, often organic, vegetables to local community organizations serving those in need.


Don’t You Know the Forests? (Edit) from Films for Good on Vimeo.

Original Song written, performed, and filmed in Jamaica to celebrate the International Year of the Forest

Huntington’s Disease Tribute Video from Films for Good on Vimeo.

The Cuccinotto Family were honored by the Huntington’s Disease Society of America for their work in battling that horrible disease. This video was shown at the dinner in their honor in Chicago 2011.

Guardians of the Gridiron Trailer from Films for Good on Vimeo.

Trailer for Guardians of the Gridiron – work in progress focusing on the life of high school football referees – their love for the game and the people involved.