About Us

The President Circa 1980

The President Circa 1980

Do you remember – or have you read about – the 60’s?  We baby boomers were going to change the world. Then, to paraphrase a wise beatle, Life happened while we were busy making other plans. But it’s (almost) never too late to add a chapter to our lives, and Films for Good represents that dream for one baby boomer.

Our mission is to harness the power of the film medium to Change the World.

We have a passion for documentation because we believe that too many lives and deeds go undocumented – and that communication  – especially visual communication – helps amplify the effect of those efforts around the world and inspires others to act accordingly.

We are a film production company that will work with you to take your ideas, stories, or good works, and create a visual record that can be used for fund raising, for worldwide communication, for passing your lives and ideas to the next generation, or just so you can remember what you did.

We use “visual record” advisedly, because film is mostly a memory these days. Once that visual recording is made, technology allows for use in hundreds of ways – from You Tube and other Social Media to fund raising DVDs to broadcast “television”. Forgive us, though, if we didn’t want to call ourselves “Visual Records for Good.”

We work primarily, though not exclusively, with non-profit companies. In fact we are a for profit organization ourselves. We strive for a balance between Commerce, Art, and Philanthropy – with the emphasis on the latter two.

We will tell your story with heart, humor, and music.

We focus on projects that advance the social good, but frankly we argue that almost all stories do that, except for those (we say with a hint of a google) that Do Evil.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Of course we will take you and your project seriously, but if you don’t want to have at least a few laughs in the process, maybe we aren’t the production company for you.

Our other passion is music, and we always try to incorporate music to tell your story. Too many talking heads in a film Stopped Making Sense some time ago.

We are a small company, and intend to remain so. Big isn’t bad; It just makes it difficult  to stay nimble and creative. In any case, we believe fervently in the power of collaboration, and will bring other film professionals to the project where necessary – always finding the approach which will provide the most impact for your budget.

OK.  You’re right. We still probably won’t Change the World. But that won’t stop us from trying to improve it – one frame at a time.