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“Art of Peace” Promotional Film

In effort to expand the Peace Chair Project globally, artist Catalina McIsaac and filmmaker Bob Williams of Films for Good are developing a documentary film, “Art of Peace: Imagine.” The film will not only document the successful efforts to promote peace on California’s Central Coast, it will also record and promote similar activities using art to foster a more peaceful environment in public spaces throughout the world. This promotional film highlights the impact of the project on just a few schools, and serves as a trailer to encourage donations in order to expand the process. As Catalina observes in the film, “Peace is the single most important thing you can invest in!”

“Without A Song” Trailer

Paul Marinaro will celebrate the release of his new album, “Without a Song” at The Jazz Showcase in Chicago, IL on June 12, 2013. In this trailer, Paul discusses the concept album, his reasons for the tribute, and his song selections.